Turning ideas into inventions

We have already helped 300+ companies get their patents and trade marks protected worldwide.

Providing the best quality Intellectual Property Services

Basck started as a niche, Intellectual Property firm founded in Cambridge in 2011 with the aim to serve the most dynamic part of the industry. Early entrepreneurs and startups needed their intellectual property sorted here and now, while being time and budget constrained. We have worked with companies from all around the world and variety of industries (blockchain technologies, machine learning, ad tech, fashion and others).

Our uniqueness lies in the combination of providing the best quality Intellectual Property Services while helping businesses grow. 

We pride ourselves in being agile and commercial savvy. We take the entrepreneurial journey together with our clients. Product launches requiring a patent done in 24 hours, investors pulling out last minute or the management board deciding to file 40 patent applications at once pre-IPO. We work hand-in-hand and are ready to roll up our sleeves at anytime. With offices in 4 time zones and close partners in more than 60 countries, we can work around the clock.

We share your passion and make sure that you see us as an extension of your team.

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