Maximizing Healthcare Innovation: Strategic Intellectual Property Protection

Healthcare and intellectual property go hand in hand. Protecting the innovations that arise from the endeavour to improve health and wellbeing is paramount to expanding your company’s global reach.

Every scientist and healthcare provider appreciates the struggles of grant writing and fund-raising while doing research and working on their latest breakthrough (and holding everything together!). Securing the intellectual property of your innovations may be the foot in the door, the beacon of hope or the lifeline that your company needs to be able to deliver your life changing vaccines, drugs, screening devices, prosthetics or diagnostic tools to the world.

Protecting your intellectual property and eventually building a portfolio of intellectual property of your innovations will increase the market value of your company and help to secure the confidence of potential funders, investors, partners and collaborators, which will pave the way for your company’s expansion.

Have a plan for your intellectual property and use it to not only make your innovations accessible, but also to further research and development. Your intellectual property can prevent others from working on your innovation, but it does not have to be restrictive. Through licensing and agreements you can control how your surgical tools, drug delivery systems and oligonucleotide therapeutics for example are used and developed further. Having control and freedom to work in a given space takes the burden away from worrying about competitors and allows you to focus on the healthcare solutions that are needed in the world.

With health, there will always be more that we can do and that can be done. Protect your intellectual property and harness its powers to enable your innovations to reach the people that need help the most.

IP that helps people

Trade marks

  • Company name
  • Product names
  • Drug names
  • Logos


  • Medical devices
  • Surgical instruments
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Product packaging


  • Source code
  • Methods
  • Websites
  • Images
  • Photographs
  • Scientific and medical writings
  • Videos


  • Drug development
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Drug repurposing
  • Cell biology
  • Molecular biology
  • Medical devices

Trade Secrets

  • Research protocols
  • Drug formulas
  • Medical and scientific devices
  • Medical and scientific procedures

Global Healthcare solutions require experts

At Basck, we are passionate about the innovations that are needed to improve lives and wellbeing. Finding the best expertise for the job at hand is paramount to success. 

Our team boasts broad expertise in the fields of healthcare, medical devices, biotechnology and life sciences holding relevant legal qualifications and advanced technical qualifications and PhDs in chemistry, molecular biology, material sciences and engineering. Through our connections and collaborations with academic and industry professionals, we ensure that we keep up with the latest technological advances and scientific methodologies.  

We guide and empower our clients to carve a niche for themselves and contribute to healthcare and wellbeing on a global scale. With our questioning minds, we acknowledge product and method limitations, so that we can advise our clients where the gaps in the market lie.

The combined legal and technical backgrounds of the team at Basck enables us to prepare strategic plans for our clients who work on technologies in a range of specialist areas including pharmaceuticals, agriculture, drug discovery, medicine re-purposing, sequencing technologies, big data, bioinformatics, and in the growing area of machine learning. 

We are client focussed and take the time to fully understand your needs and goals. We take pride in our ethos to always act in good faith and to be clear and transparent in all our interactions with you. 

With this, whatever your field or fields of work, we guarantee that we will allocate our most experienced team members to work together with you and advise you in a way that puts your IP and business needs and best interests first.

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