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In the dynamic realm of sustainability, IP is the compass guiding us towards a greener tomorrow! Your organisation’s IP might just be the green beacon that distinguishes you in this eco-conscious era. As we stand at the crossroads of innovation and responsibility, ensuring your IP’s robust protection becomes paramount to carve a resilient niche in today’s eco-driven marketplace.

Why not channel your energy into crafting a visionary IP strategy, especially as we usher in an age where sustainability isn’t just a choice, but a global imperative?

How does IP elevate my organisation’s green footprint?

Intellectual Property isn’t merely a certificate; it’s an asset with tangible worth, akin to the very soil we strive to protect. By investing in IP, you’re not just securing an idea; you’re cultivating assets that can sprout into towering ventures. Imagine the possibilities: licensing your sustainable solutions, opening new revenue avenues, and broadening your eco-impact.

Moreover, owning IP rights can magnetise eco-investors and partners, fortifying your organisation’s growth trajectory. They’ll see not just a business, but a vision secured and validated. 

With your innovations shielded by IP, your team can pioneer sustainable solutions with renewed vigour. In a world yearning for genuine eco-warriors, your protected IP stands as a testament to your authenticity and commitment.

Furthermore, IP protection ensures your green innovations remain unparalleled, keeping imitators at bay. And if ever your sustainable solutions face imitation, your registered IP rights are your shield, guarding your legacy and eco-mission.

Curious about the green advantages of IP protection in the sustainability sector? Reach out, and let us illuminate your path, ensuring your IP not only thrives but also makes the world thrive with it.

IP that stops the crisis

Heroes to Carbon Zero (H2CZ)

  • The groundbreaking initiative – Basck invites sustainable startups to compete for free patent filings worth £10k. Find out more here.


  • AI-driven bio-degradable material compositions
  • Cutting-edge geothermal energy generation techniques
  • Advanced water purification systems harnessing natural processes
  • Green construction materials enhanced with nanotechnology

Trade marks

  • Eco-product names powered by blockchain verification
  • Logos with augmented reality (AR) features promoting green initiatives
  • Slogans echoing the call for a zero-carbon future
  • Symbols for next-gen renewable resources like tidal energy


  • Showcasing the aesthetic of a sustainable tomorrow.
  • Futuristic eco-friendly product packaging with AR interactivity

Trade Secrets

  • Preserving the confidential essence of green innovation.
  • Proprietary algorithms for optimizing solar panel efficiency
  • Unique formulas for creating zero-waste products

Green Masters: Pioneering Sustainable IP

Why Choose Basck for Your Sustainability IP Needs?


At Basck, we’re more than just IP specialists; we’re advocates for a brighter, sustainable future. We believe that innovation in sustainable technologies is not just a necessity, but an obligation as we face an escalating global climate crisis. Our mission is to foster the development of eco-friendly solutions, particularly in the domains of renewable energy, energy storage, transportation, and building materials.

Our team combines the expertise of sustainability enthusiasts, experienced patent attorneys, and forward-thinking IP strategists. Together, we offer comprehensive guidance on protecting, developing, and enforcing your IP assets in the sustainability sector. We are particularly committed to supporting startups that are working on innovative solutions aimed at combating climate change.

We’re always on the move, actively engaging with the latest in green technologies and sustainable practices. By attending global sustainability events and conferences, we ensure our clients receive solutions that are both current and impactful.

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We value your input, aligning our strategies to match your goals. With a knack for simplifying complex IP matters, our team provides clear, actionable advice, ensuring you’re always in the know. We’re here to provide direct, effective counsel to match the speed and ambition of your business.

Are you ready to partner with our dedicated sustainability team?

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