IP Strategy for scaleups to remove IP stressors ahead of exit.

Expand your  across the globe

Scaleups are in a process of amplification. As they grow, everything else grows at the same time. This means that every aspect of the business deserves due care and attention to prevent a problem from snowballing. As the priorities of the company switch from product development to product refinement, Basck is able to take IP stresses off your hands. We offer specialist services which establish the strength of a scaleup’s IP position and identify areas needing development, ensuring that there are no nasty surprises.

This can be a great time for a scaleup company to build an extensive IP portfolio and to expand their IP protection to other countries. We have handled IP related matters in 80+ countries and would be very happy to add to that list. Additionally, our innovation team is set up to to develop your knowledge into patentable inventions. Basck can amplify your IP both in volume and in location, helping to get your IP exit ready.

IP Stressors

Your IP can be entirely managed by Basck. Think of us as an extension to your in-house team. We can take any IP problems entirely out of your way, and you can access your entire IP portfolio with just one point of contact. We set your IP processes, introduce IP policies, all to make your business ready to establish an internal IP function as you grow.

IP Peace
of Mind

Have you ever worried that you may be infringing on somebody else’s patent? It’s no wonder. Patent documents can be a challenging read, or written in another language altogether! Ask us about your freedom to operate and we will do the research for you so that you do not have to worry about the next due diligence.


Top territories where our clients expand their IP protection to:









Republic of Korea


We make your IP exit-ready

Plug any gaps

We help you identify any IP strategy shortcomings that could put your company's valuation at risk before a prospective acquisition or IPO

New markets, new rules

IP laws differ by country so a local attorney needs to be appointed in each territory. We manage IP rights in 80+ countries globally.

One point of contact

Our IP Strategists have hands-on experience not only in the EU but also the US and APAC, serving your various global needs by one dedicated IP contact.

Freedom to Operate

We grow your IP portfolio by closely following your territorial reach to ensure that your product can be sold in new markets without infringing on others' IP.

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Scaling your business to new heights?
Make sure your IP is ready too.

We are a team of creatives who are excited about unique ideas and help fast-growing companies protect their intellectual property by being business-savvy and agile.

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