Evaluate IP assets before transactions. Make informed decisions with IP due diligence.

IP Due Diligence for

IP Due Diligence is a legal audit that evaluates company’s IP assets. During the IP Due Diligence, ownership of IP is being checked. Conducting an IP Due Diligence is beneficial both for Venture Capitals and Start-Ups as it provides useful insight about the value of the IP assets and discover any potential red flags with the patent portfolio.

Our team of Lawyers, Patent Attorneys, IP Engineers, and people with start-up backgrounds are the perfect mix to execute an IP Due Diligence Report. The level of detail in the IP Due Diligence may vary depending on the VC, Start- Up needs or the stage of the Investment Round whether it is a-round or seed-round.

Due Diligence gives all parties
maximum protection

Conducting the IP Due Diligence shows gaps in IP protection. An IP Due Diligence Report may be the basis for an IP Strategy for Start-Ups. Is there only one pending patent in the UK? Basck will help in expanding the protection to other countries.

Make informed


Our IP services include:

IP Due Diligence for Start Ups

IP Due Diligence for Venture Capital

IP Due Diligence befofe Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

IP Due Diligence for Joint Ventures

IP Due Diligence for Licensing Purposes

IP Strategy for Start Ups

Fundraising IP portfolio

Patents for IPO

IP Health Check

IP Policies

IP Due Diligence Packages:


IP health check with a report/review containing basic IP recommendations and:

  • a list of all filed and registered IP rights (patents, trade marks, designs)
  • checking if the basic formalities of the above have been met (fees paid, forms filed)
  • a list and review of all agreements pertaining to IP (licensing, employment, contractors)
  • a list and review of on-going or past IP concerns on contentious basis (oppositions, cease & desist letters, litigation)


IP health check LIGHT plus:

  • a list and review of all unregistered IP rights (patents, trade marks, designs)
  • checking of the IP clauses in agreements to confirm that the IP rights have been properly assigned to the company
  • a knockout trade mark search in the key IP offices (US, EU, WO) for the company's key mark


IP health check LIGHT plus MEDIUM plus:

  • conducting an in-depth analysis of IP portfolio
  • conducting a Freedom to Operate analysis in two selected jurisdictions
  • conducting a patent search on the key invention
  • a global knockout trade mark search for the company's key mark

Make informed decisions.

Make sure that you are prepared before you finalise any transaction, whether it is selling or buying patents, licensing or M&A.

IP Due Diligence

If you are in the middle of fundraising or considering an investment, IP Due Diligence is a must. Get in touch.

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